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JacoTayl Dance! was founded in 2023 by choreographer Jacob Taylor and dancer Victoria Manning. After experimenting and developing his  choreography, Mr. Taylor felt it important to create a new entity to help him continue to develop his unique style of dance while also supporting and nurturing other creative artists. Ms. Manning has been essential to the development of the company acting as both Executive Director and as a Company Dancer. We invite you to join us for our continued development as an arts organization that hopes to bring new creative works to life while supporting the communities we are a part of. 

The Vision of JacoTayl Dance! is to create an organization of talented dance artists, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, and  creatives of every kind that present innovative dance works across America and beyond. We aim to bring exciting new productions to audiences everywhere.  

Our mission is to create exciting and innovative new work that attracts talented artists, inspires the community and supports the art form beginning at the educational level.


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